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To boldly go…

…where hundreds have gone before.

We look to the sky today as Shuttle Atlantis makes it’s final voyage into space.

Many things are being said about the final trip for this leg of our space program. Many things indeed. Some complimentary, some not.

I simply want to add that I am indescribably proud of the men and women who have worked tirelessly to serve our country by furthering our knowledge of our last great frontier. From the men and women of mission control, the scientists creating new and wonderful things that made it possible, to those brave souls who ventured forth and all who believed in this crazy dream that we weren’t meant to be bound to this celestial sphere. Again, and again. You are all heroes.

They Were Necessary

And that was the point. They’ve paved the way.

The first few years of manned space flight were the pioneering stage. It was new, and no one had done it before. Ever since we’ve been living in the age of settlement.

The days of pioneering new and vast distances in our galaxy are before us. Ready to be taken.

To move forward in our exploration of the galaxy we had to stop straying close to home eventually and refocus on the distant path.

I hope, no I pray, that this is the vision of NASA, our government and, most importantly, our people.

Because without that vision our race will inevitably be doomed.

So thank you. All of you who have made this possible. From the taxpayer to the astronaut.


Remember to look up, and remember.